Head Down

Wednesday 6th September 2017
Dylan Young

Just sent line edits back for Book 1 and now need to concentrate on Book 2. The schedule is testing but doable. On good days I can manage 3-4000 words. on bad days, a LOT LESS. But concentrating on crime makes me think about my other manifestations, too. My fantasy series has a couple of books as yet unpublished and as for the YA/MG series, #whenwillthathappen, I hear a voice that says all in good time. The good news is that I now have all the books back under my control from my adventures with boutique publishers and so I am in charge of my own destiny (HA HA)

So, not many laughs with DI Anna Gwynne at the moment, but with autumn here, it's almost acceptable to lock yourself away for hours as the rain pours outside and my tan fades to ash.

Not complaining though!