Progress update on the writing roller-coaster

Progress update on the writing roller-coaster

Saturday 21st October 2017
Dylan Young

All copy edits for COTP are now complete and returned to Bookouture. Quite a bit of heavy editing from a great Copy Editor who found holes where I could see none. And yes, I did throw my toys out of the pram a couple of times, but then took Betsi for a walk and all was well with the world. To be fair, this first book has been moulded out of some old and new ideas and did need quite a bit of help in terms of structure and tone. But I like it. And I hope you guys will too.

I'm looking forward to you all meeting Anna and a certain Hector Shaw...

Next will be proofreading and Cover reveals etc. Then Netgalley for preorder likes or dislikes --aaargh. But it is all part of the process.

Book 2 is in first Draft stage and I am now thinking about book 3. I like to stay ahead of the game as much as I can.

I'll be back next week with news of....well call back and see.